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Erin's Law

The public has become increasingly aware of the rising incidence of abuse and neglect of children. The State of Illinois passed Erin’s Law, which mandates schools to provide age-appropriate sexual abuse/assault and awareness training, as well as prevention education to children in grades Pre-K through 12.

The Sycamore Community School District 427 takes this obligation very seriously and realized that the best way to teach children these strategies is through a strong partnership with parents. Beginning in February of each year, a social worker, school counselor, school psychologist, or school nurse  presents age appropriate classroom lessons on personal body safety, child abuse prevention, and healthy relationships. The purpose of these lessons is to help students develop knowledge, decision-making skills, and behaviors that promote safe living in the home, school, and community.

Below you will find age-appropriate lessons that will be taught to students. If you have questions or would like your child not to participate in these presentations, please contact your building principal by February.

Elementary School Lesson

Students at the Elementary School level will be taught lessons that involve reading a book that talks about ways to keep themselves safe. In grade 3 through 5, students may be introduced to Erin Merryn and her passion about the importance of talking to each and every student about how to stay safe and to report incidents to a trusted adult.

Middle School Lesson

Sycamore Middle School students will be shown a presentation that explains the history of Erin’s Law, the aspects of grooming, and the importance of BOLT.

High School Lesson

Students at Sycamore High School will watch a video on Erin’s Law that explains the history of Erin’s Law, aspects of grooming, and where to find support.