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Smile — Behind Your Face Covering

Smile — Behind Your Face Covering
As we welcome students back into our buildings, students at Sycamore High School will find “potty press” posters in the bathrooms encouraging them to smile behind their face covering.
Your smile may be covered, but people can still see your eyes smiling!
The SHS Social Emotional Learning committee encourages you to smile behind your mask as you wave hello to a friend or a neighbor. Your “hidden” smile is still noticeable, and it will increase both your connection with others and your energy! In fact, there are a number of benefits to smiling.
  • Social contact and facial expressions improve physical and mental health, increase immunity, and reduce stress.
  • “When we’re smiling and engaging with other people, it’s the engagement with other people that makes us feel better.”
  • The face is one of the most “important places in the body to look at for social information.” When you smile, you tend to view other’s facial expressions more positively.
  • “Smize” — smile with your eyes! (coined by Tyra Banks)
  • Eye contact can enhance your wellbeing.

So don’t let a face-covering stop you from smiling! You and those around you will benefit from every smile.

Source: Moore, Pam. “Yes, You Should Smile behind Your Mask. Here's Why.” The Washington Post, 12 Oct. 2020.